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The Racing Club Membership provides you with a path to attain Racing Membership with The Hong Kong Jockey Club (“the Club”). The Board of Directors of The Racing Club may from time to time nominate The Racing Club Members whom they consider suitable to apply for Racing Membership with the Club. Generally speaking, The Racing Club Members who have joined The Racing Club for a substantial period of time and demonstrated great enthusiasm in horse racing and the activities of The Racing Club and the Club (such as by actively participating in The Racing Club activities, being a member of a horse syndicate, or referring like-minded racing enthusiasts to join The Racing Club) are likely to be considered for nomination for application for Racing Membership of the Club.

Whether a Racing Club Member will be nominated for application for Racing Membership is at the discretion of the Board of Directors of The Racing Club, and applications for Racing Membership are subject to the approval of the Board of Stewards of the Club in accordance with the prevailing rules and procedures. The Racing Club Members shall refer to the terms and conditions in the relevant Racing Membership application form.