Membership Privileges
Membership Privileges

The Racing Club has been created exclusively for young racing enthusiasts like you, who relish a vibrant, yet refined lifestyle, with an eclectic mix of activities that marks you out as creative, enterprising and go-getting.

Here, you can experience the winning glory of horse ownership, along with a series of unique racing and lifestyle programmes. What is more, you can visit our Club premises and revel in our contemporary, yet timeless surroundings and an exciting array of activities, while getting acquainted with fellow members of our lively community.

  • Entrance fee for The Racing Club Membership is HK$128,000
  • Special entrance fee of HK$85,000 will be granted to candidates aged 30 or below
  • Monthly subscription fee is HK$1,300

For members who would like to share their Racing Club experience with friends and refer them as members, please contact us to learn more about our Membership Referral Scheme.

Non-raceday catering menu and event prices include service charges for sustaining our Racing Club venue facilities and membership services. There will be no additional service charges like other hotels! We aim to provide you an excellent customer experience meanwhile we will continue to invest in our Racing Club facilities and services for your enjoyment.

Only at The Racing Club can you lead a life filled with glamour, glory, and endless excitement, while indulging in the thrill of racing.

Membership Privileges